The first Scientific
Conference of Mawlawinasi

Saeed Abdulrahman Tawawgozi, whose penname is Ma’doomi, is known as a poet. Although he is a well-known Kurdish poet, he is also a well-established religious and knowledgeable scholar who has many books in fields of belief and speech in Arabic and Persian languages.

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Mawlawinasi Conference

  • About

    This conference is about the great Kurdish poet Mawlawi, to introduce him not only as a poet, but also as a personality in all his dimensions and terms of all his works. This requires the researchers, experts and scholars to look at all Mawlawi´s works through this conference and present scientific papers. This conference is organized by University of Sulaimani and Mawlawi website and a lot of preparations have been made for it. In addition to the preparatory and scientific committee and other committees of the conference, an advisory committee has been formed of experienced individuals concerning Mawlawi in order to benefit from their experience and expertise to make the conference richer and more comprehensive. The conference will be held on Wednesday and Thursday (May 15th and 16th, 2024) at University of Sulaimani. We hope that the university professors, scholars, researchers inside and outside the country and the academic entities participate in the conference with their research papers.

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  • Vision

    Saeed Abdulrahman Tawawgozi, whose penname is Ma’doomi, is known as a poet. Although he is a well-known Kurdish poet, he is also a well-established religious and knowledgeable scholar who has many books in fields of belief and speech in Arabic and Persian languages. Many festivals and carnivals have been done in the name of this poet yet he and his works are not introduced to the readers as much as it should have been, especially abroad. In this conference, three traits of this character will be focused on that are Mawlawi as a scholar and a knowledgeable person, Mawlawi as a poet, and paying attention to the biography of the poet, especially the letters and writings related to this poet.

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  • Aims

    • Researching about Mawlawi’s works in the fields of belief, speech and sophism.
    • Researching about the different traits and the unmentioned topics of Mawlawi’s poems
    • Discovering, identifying and analyzing the different traits of life and works by Mawlawi through the lens of letters and writings about him.
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  • Conferences Languages

    • Kurdish (with all its dialects)
    • Arabic
    • Persian
    • English
    • Turkish
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  • Conference Fees

    The conference covers the expenses of accommodation, traveling, eating, and visiting places of those whose papers are accepted and the academic committee of the conference.

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Conference topics

Themes of the sciences of belief, theology and Sufism

  1. Islamic doctrine and theology in the books of Rumi.
  2. Rumi’s choices in the subjects of belief and theology.
  3. Articles of Islamic schools and groups (الفرق الإسلامية) in Rumi’s theological books.
  4. Logical issues (المسائل المنطقية) by Rumi.
  5. Sufism and its reflection in the works of Rumi.



  1. Comparing Mawlawi with other Kurdish and foreign poets
  2. Humans as the center in Mawlawi’s poems
  3. Mawlawi’s special treatment of nature
  4. Exchanging letters and poetic letters by Mawlawi
  5. Pragmatics and the influence of the environment on Mawlawi’s poems
  6. Education poems in the poet’s works
  7. Any other topic related to Mawlawi’s literary works



  1. Biography and Mawlawi’s different relations by authentic documents and hand writings.
  2. Discovering, identifying and analyzing the documents, hand writings and letters related to Mawlawi
  3. Reviewing and re-identifying Mawlawi’s life and works



  1. Dimensions of Mawlawi’s linguistic abilities in Arabic and Persian.
  2. Concepts and glossaries in Mawlawi’s works


Conference Deadlines

  • The deadline for receiving abstracts: 15-11-2023
  • Replying the accepted abstracts: 1-12-2023
  • Deadline for submitting the whole paper: 1-4-2024
  • Announcement time of the accepted papers: 25-4-2024
  • Conference days: 15-16 / 5 / 2024.
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Participate in the Mawlawinasi Conference


Submitting Paper Abstract

Tips and terms of the conference papers:

  1. Sending the abstracts with the researcher’s biography, phone number and email address.
  2. The research must not have been published in any other journals or places.
  3. The research must have all the conditions of academic and scientific research papers, especially, these points must be considered. The paper must have a clear title, researcher’s full name, place of work, country, abstract and key words.
  4. Papers in Kurdish (in all dialects), Arabic, Persian, Turkish and English are accepted.
  5. The format and the fonts instructions are given on the conference website and the researcher must consider them.
  6. The papers will be scientifically and academically evaluated by the evaluators. They can be rejected or accepted by the evaluators.
  7. The research must not be more than 30 pages.
  8. All the accepted papers will be published in a special volume in the journal of University of Sulaimani. The researcher can use the published paper for promoting his or her academic title.
  9. If any researcher couldn’t find Mawlawi’s works, He or she can use this link ( which can be helpful in providing the necessary sources for the paper.
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